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"Chris is attentive and intelligent and truly has every students interest at heart. Thank you to Expedition Admissions for all that they have done for me."  

Jess I (May 2017)

"He definitely knows his stuff!!  If you have a kid in high school, this service is very valuable!  Highly recommended!!"  

John B (May 2017)

"Like many parents, working through the college selection process is not easy.  Met with this Advisor (it was a free consult) at my house, and we learned so much, I recommend him!!"

 Terri H (May 2018)

"Without his help, we would probably still be

fumbling where to apply.  If you are in need of someone to make your college search a breeze,

give Chris a call"  

Jodi H (May 2018)

"Great Service, consistently available for my daughter and facilitated the entire process. Worth the service fee! I am going to hire him again to help navigate my second daughter thru the academic process."

Devang M (May 2019)

"Your trusted and valued guidance is beyond anything we could have ever imagined. The dedication that you have shown in helping us achieve our goals is unquestionably a big reason of why we are where we are. We can’t recommend you enough.."

Paul C (October 2020)

"I just wanted to drop you a note now that I am settled here at Miami.  Thank you for all of your help over the past two years.  You made a very stressful time easy.  Thank you for listening to the things I wanted from a campus, so far I love it here.  I'm enjoying my program, the weather and my new friends"

Spencer G (October 2020)

"I want to thank you for all your help getting into college.  I am so happy with my school choice RWU.  I think my mom and I couldn't have survived without you, you really saved our relationship on top of helping me get into a great school and great major!"

Alexa D (November 2020)

"I give Chris my highest recommendation. My daughter was a little behind the eight ball when she was in the middle of the application process. I reached out to Chris because I was feeling overwhelmed. Even though I went to college, the process now is a totally different ballgame. Chris helped us navigate the entire process. He met with us (on a weekend) as soon as I reached out to him. After our first meeting, I felt a lot better. He really took the time to get to know my daughter and what her goals were. 
From there, he kept us on track, sending out reminders and information we needed to know at each stage of the process. He reviewed my daughter's college essay and made corrections/suggestions. Anytime we had a question, he responded right away and was always available. My daughter was initially deferred from early decision at her dream school and Chris was right there to advise her what to do. Eventually she was accepted and I can't thank Chris enough. It was an important investment and Chris delivered throughout the process. Worth EVERY penny. Thank you so much for your help Chris."

Colleen D (March 2021)

"From the start, we were all so satisfied with the services that Chris provided us from Naviance, to different college boards, to information on colleges that my daughter had not reviewed before his suggestion.  Any questions we had, Chris was sure to answer quickly. He consistently sent emails regarding follow ups or reminders for the seniors as well as being motivational to them.  We felt at ease with the application process and I knew my daughter was in good hands. You can tell that Chris puts 100% into his job and enjoys what he does. I will definitely refer him to friends and will utilize his services for my younger daughter."
Thank you Chris. 
Jen S (April 2021)

"I highly recommend Mr. Tamis' services. The college search was challenging but with his services we were admitted to 9 out of 11 schools. He met with us and helped us with all our applications, essays, even scholarship essays after we had commited. From start to finish he really made the whole process easy. He answered us promptly with all questions we had. Truly a great help with all of our decisions. Thank you Chris! "
Thank you Chris. 
Janine G. (May 2021)

"Chris did an amazing job of considering our son's preferences when exploring college options. Our son was reluctant about going to college, but Chris was able to find choices that resonated with our son's interests and met our financial abilities. Plus- having a third party manage the many and complex requirements of the application process gave us so much peace of mind. Highly recommend!"

Saskia T (May 2021)

"I'm not sure that we would have made it through this whole process without Chris' guidance and knowledge of everything from Naviance to information about all colleges our son was considering. He was very professional, quick with answers to our numerous questions, and supplied a steady flow of very helpful emails. We are getting ready to start this whole process all over again with our daughter and of course Chris' guidance too! I would definitely refer him to our friends!"
Michelle F. (July 2021)

"Chris did an awesome job helping us consider our daughters college options. Helped with the application process. Highly recommend!"

Joe A.  (July 2021)

"We found working with Chris extremely helpful while working through the college admissions process.  He was insightful, very knowledgeable and helped us understand things about the college admissions process we would have otherwise missed. When we started this it seemed like a complex and scary maze and we are thankful we had Chris to guide us through it.  We highly recommend his services."

Dan G.  (October 2021)

"I felt compelled again to thank Chris and his staff for all of his help.  The process of college searching, applying, and filing for financial aid can seem overwhelming at times.  Chris has been such a steady hand and trustworthy guide through this whole process.  He even answers phone calls on Friday/Saturday nights!
We can't recommend him enough to help you."

Paul C.  (September 2021)

"Chris's help with the college application process was invaluable. His advice was much more than just the application. He covered college choices, naviance, essay review, submitting GPA, SSAR and other elements I didn't know about until we engaged him. His attention to detail and advising on deadlines was really impressive. Worth it on so many levels, thank you Chris!"

John M.  (November 2021)

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"The college application and decision process can be extremely overwhelming, and Chris' help and guidance throughout the entire experience from beginning to end was indispensable. There are so many aspects that need to be managed, and Chris keeps you and your child on task. He is also very easy to contact, which is SO important. A friend of ours referred us to Chris, and we reached out to him very early in the process, which was very beneficial. Our son was very unsure as to what school he wanted to attend and also did not know exactly what he wanted to study. Chris helped us narrow down our choices as time went on, helped us with school visits, helped us with Naviance (which is a nightmare), and also kept our son on task as far as testing and classes. He was worth every penny that was spent - our results were amazing, and my son will be attending the school that is the perfect fit for him this fall 2022."

Laurie D  (May 2022)

"We can't say enough positive things about our experience working with Chris! Over two years ago now, as our oldest was embarking on her college search journey, we began feeling quite overwhelmed about the daunting task ahead for her and for us. Fortunately, we learned of Chris' services and soon met with him. We immediately felt at ease as we sat with Chris in our backyard and he began explaining the process to us, and specifically our daughter. Chris quickly developed a list of public and private schools based on our needs and we began visiting campuses and taking tours, and with his calm and reassuring guidance the list shortened and eventually became a list of target schools to which we applied. In the end, our daughter will be attending the first school Chris had recommended and the first school we visited with our daughter which seems like an ideal fit both academically and financially. Chris' services proved invaluable for us and made the college selection process very enjoyable, efficient and nearly stress-free!"

Tom B  (June 2022)

"Chris was absolutely wonderful from the minute we sat down with him until my daughter's acceptance. He guided us and opened our eyes to schools that we would never have thought of. The school that my daughter chose was actually not even on our radar until Chris opened our eyes to it. We are looking forward to working with Chris again with my son. We could not have asked for a better experience."

Risa F (June 2022)

"Working with Expedition Admissions Consulting is every parents answer to dealing with the college admission process. They are professional, insightful, knowledgeable, and tremendously supportive to both the student and parents. Not only did they help me navigate through the admissions process, which is overwhelming, they provided me with tools for my son's continued college success!"

Joan V  (June 2022)

"Chris has been amazing! Chris was recommended by a friend in NY while I was visiting. We quickly set up a zoom meeting and decided right away to hire him to help with our daughter's college prep process. I recommend him to all of my friends here in N.C and my family in NY! I don't think we could have done all the applications, deadlines, and essays without his experience."

Heather C.  (July 2022)

"Owner/Founder Chris Tamis is an absolute gem! I have used him now for 2 HS students and will be starting with my third. All of my children have very different interests, intellectually and socially. Mr. Tamis spends countless hours on getting it right. If you want "fluff," search elsewhere, he is very honest and will keep it real. Mr. Tamis has a gift for getting to know your student. They won't just be a number. Expect a concierge that will walk you and your student through this arduous process. From creating the right college list to helping with applications and plenty of rereads with edits, he is worth it all! I couldn't do it without him the first two times, and I certainly won't the third."

Jennifer G.  (January 2023)

"So much help, always answered quickly and helped with exactly what was asked. Very friendly and 1000% worth it."

Lucas B.  (April 2023)

Priceless service. I am an overwhelmed single mom running two locations of my business, managing my home, and aging parents. I needed help with all things college as my son entered his senior year. I felt like I would never be able to give him what he needed to succeed with his college search and applications. This service is priceless and perhaps gave my son EVERYTHING he needed to be successful in his efforts. Best of all, it didn't involve arguing and prodding him to do the things he needed to do. All I would say is, "Talk to Chris." Not only did he help my son, but he also would answer any questions I had about the process. Again, this service is PRICELESS. HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT.

Cheryl B. (April 2023)

"Excellent resource! Guidance in the college process was critical for success!"

Ann S.  (May 2023)

"Outstanding College Admission Consultant We had an amazing experience working with Chris during my daughter's college admission process. It was so helpful since this was our first experience. He was truly exceptional, and I couldn't be happier with the support he provided to our family. From the very beginning, Chris met with us and spoke to the whole family, giving us an overview of everything we'd be dealing with and the critical timeline of everything. He said he'd be there for us every step of the way, and he was! Whenever I needed him, I could text, email, or call him, and he was always super responsive and ready to help. Chris had an incredible amount of knowledge about every college, which really helped my daughter find the right path. The whole financial aid and merit process can be super overwhelming, especially if you've never gone through it before, but Chris was there to guide us every step of the way. There were so many things that could've gone wrong, but he had our back and made sure everything was taken care of. I seriously can't recommend Chris enough - his service was top-notch! If you're overwhelmed with how to help your kids through the college admission process, Chris is your guy. You won't regret it!"

Adam F.  (May 2023)

"Chris Tamis was an extraordinary help with both of my children’s college application processes. He helped us stay on task, which eliminated the need for nagging on my part. He helped us with the common app, guided my children in keeping their essays focused, suggested colleges that we weren’t even aware of, followed up with us frequently and was readily available for our questions. I do not hesitate to recommend him to all families to make an intense process a lot less stressful."

Jenny A.  (May 2023)

"Chris was a true lifesaver during the entire process. He responded to all questions and emails in a very quick manner. His advice was very helpful and we would have not been able to do without him. Highly recommend his Services to anyone starting the College process! Worth every penny!"

Nadja G.  (May 2023)

"I wish I could give Chris 10 Stars for how amazing he is. This was our first child in high school and as parents we did not know where to begin in the college process. Things have changed so much since much since we graduated. From the very first time we met with Chris we knew we were in great hands. He had so many tools to help our son find a list of schools that would be a good fit for him and kept him on track so that while many others were scrambling to get their applications out, he was ahead of schedule. Chris compiled a perfect list of schools for us to visit and after narrowing our list down to 14 schools, we were very, very proud of our son's outstanding acceptance rate. Even after our son reached his decision, Chris was still available and checked in often. If you have a child who is in high school and need a college consultant to help you on this journey RUN don't walk to Expedition Admissions Consulting! You will be so happy you did!"

Kim H. May 2023

"Chris was very helpful and extremely responsive. We had no clue what we were doing and he took all the stress out of the process. Our daughter had a great deal of success with her admissions. We would highly recommend Chris to anyone."

Cliff O..  (May 2023)

"We highly recommend Chris for families going through the college preparation, application, and admissions process. With our first of four starting college in the fall, we are very grateful for the assistance, advice, and guidance that Chris offered. His help kept our son organized and focused on each step of the process at the right time. Chris answered all of our questions and provided suggestions. His knowledge and experience with the entire process were such a benefit to us. This could have been a very overwhelming and daunting process, but with Chris's support, we did not feel the stress we had anticipated. We plan to return with our other children as his help and insight were invaluable. Our son was offered admission into the honors programs of five different schools, and we are all happy with his final choice and excited for the fall."

Cathy K. (May 2024)

"We had the most lovely experience with Chris. He is so knowledgeable, organized and helpful. He made this extremely stressful process seamless. We couldn't have ever done it without him! He's amazing! We promptly booked him for our second child right after we finished with our first child. Best advice I could ever give any parent... use Chris Tamis!"

Beth M. (May 2024)

"Working with Chris Tamis was wonderful!  He helped my son every step of the way.  He kept him on task, on time and held him to a high standard.  He made the college process manageable and less stressful than I'd heard it could be.  Definitely plan to use his services again for my younger child.  Thank you Chris!!  Appreciate all your hard work, patience and knowledge."

Rachel E.  (May 2024)

"We are busy, high school students are unorganized and the whole college application process can be overwhelming.  Enter Chris and his staff.  They will help organize the whole process from start to finish.  Chris helps breakdown colleges into categories ranging from safe to reach to super reach.  Then he will guide you through the application process, helping with essays and keeping students on task with assignments and deadlines.  
We have used Expedition Admissions Consulting for two students and we have only positive things to say.  Thank you, Chris and staff."

Martin D..  (May 2024)

"Chris was so helpful and supportive throughout the college planning process for our daughter. He is very responsive to all questions and provided a very thorough guide to all things from the start of the college search to sending her off."

Jane R..  (May 2024)

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