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The "uncommon" Common App

Updated: Jul 23, 2020


For rising seniors, this year has been anything but normal. The same applies to the universal tool of college admissions, The Common Application. It will be especially important to differentiate yourself in varied and unique ways to present yourself in the best possible light to admissions officers. With the absence of standardized test scores for the majority of applicants, the importance of how you present yourself on your application and essay have dramatically increased. Utilized by nearly 900 institutions, the application itself has changed to reflect the devastation caused by the pandemic (refer to my last blog post for specifics) and will give applicants an improved platform to detail their accomplishments as well as their hardships.

The Common Application, and in reality all college application formats, give students a chance to chronicle why a college would want them as a matriculated student on their campus. If history is a predictor of future performance, then your application is kind of your sales pitch demonstrating your personal and academic potential. The word "common" only applies to the convenience the software offers, allowing students to apply to multiple colleges with relative ease. The "common" does not apply to the individual applicant's experiences, background, diversity, academics, extracurriculars, financial situation or choice of major. Use your college application to stand out from the crowd and show how uncommon you can actually be.

Remember that the collegiate class of 2025's application season officially opens on August 1st. The Common App will have limited access from July 28th to August 1st to upload the changes for this years application. Don't wait, get started now on finding and applying to your great fit school!

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